WINNERS of Daisy & Mac’s

Bermuda’s Cutest Kids Contest 2010

Congratulations to our winners:

Ages 0-1

1. Maria Therese R. Salem
2. Danielle Francesca Trinidad
3. Evelyn Czember

Ages 2-4

1. Tahjaye Lambe
2. Ramaya Edwards
3. Jazya Brimmer Peets

Ages 5-7

1. Markalah Telemaque
2. Taejhun Gibbons
3. Sydney Mellor

Ages 8-12

1. Naziah Robinson
2. Sakile Zuill
3. Taye Lambe
Over 500 kids were posted on the web site and almost 50,000 votes were cast over 15 days of voting. Daisy and Mac would like to thank all the participants, voters and Hott 1075 for making the contest a success!


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